Membership Development...

At the national level, the fraternity offers numerous initiatives, programs and experiences that provide our membership with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and learning, develop their leadership skills and engage in fellowship. Some of these nationally coordinated events that reinforce our Tripod include:

  • Chapter/Member Development Resources. Officer training seminars and literature support the development and education of the Brotherhood. Goal-setting, risk management and recruitment seminars provide chapter officers with the knowledge to build and lead effective chapters. Additional resource materials such as the Topic Specific e-Newsletter, Officer Training Manuals and Recruitment Materials are provided by the National Office to assist chapters in key areas.
  • Leadership Institute. Research reveals that today's collegian looks to organizations such as Phi Sigma Pi to teach the skills of leadership. Held annually at National Convention, The Leadership Institute is a series of workshops designed especially for the development and strengthening of leadership skills. Through participation, Brothers become stronger leaders in their chapter, on campus and in their communities.
  • National Keynote Speakers. Professional keynote speakers deliver motivational speeches on topics such as: professional development, personal growth, wellness, and the importance of "giving back."
  • Grand Chapter Business. Discussion and debate over fraternity business provides Brothers with the opportunity to discover how collective decision-making impacts an entire organization. By using parliamentary procedure, Brothers also learn how to effectively and efficiently make decisions. This experience proves to be invaluable as they embark on their professional careers.
  • Scholarships and Grants. Phi Sigma Pi awards two national scholarships on an annual basis: The Richard Cecil Todd and Clauda Pennock Todd Tripod Scholarship and the Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship. The Founder's Scholarship is given to assist transfer and graduate student members who help start new chapters of Phi Sigma Pi. In addition, grants from the Subrosa Fund (Brother - in need) assist Brothers facing financially challenging times due to natural disaster, medical expenses, or other extenuating hardships. All the scholarships and the Subrosa Fund are maintained and managed by the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation.
  • Teach For America (National Philanthropy). Returning to our roots as a teacher-focused organization, Teach For America (TFA) was selected as our national philanthropy. TFA is an organization committed to eliminating educational inequity by recruiting recent college graduates to teach for two years in urban and rural schools. Phi Sigma Pi supports their efforts by co-sponsoring recruitment and educational seminars, donating educational supplies and backpacks to children in Teach For America sponsored schools and by serving as corps members.
  • Region Consultant Program. The region consultant program is an integral part of our organization. Based in home offices throughout the country, each region consultant visits approximately 25 Phi Sigma Pi chapters each year. Lasting a minimum of two days, these on-site visits assist members with chapter operations, officer training, leadership development and member education. By serving as a liaison, they maintain communication between the local chapter and the National Office.
  • Regional Conferences. Regional conferences provide Brothers with the opportunity to experience high quality programs at the regional level. Workshops from past conferences include: financial investing, increasing memory skills, business etiquette, resumé building and networking. Each year the National Office provides a grant to each region to help offset expenses.
  • Communication Enhancements. The Purple & Gold/The Lampadion Magazine, published twice a year, contain news and features that recognize, inform, and entertain the Brotherhood. Additionally, special email announcements are distributed to keep Brothers current on all Phi Sigma Pi happenings.
  • National Convention & Awards Banquet. Essential to the education, enthusiasm and communication of the Brotherhood, this event brings Brothers together for a weekend of activity, fellowship and personal growth.
  • New Chapter/University Establishment. A commitment to expansion is a commitment to our future. The revised expansion plan builds an even stronger Brotherhood and fulfills the vision of our founders to become a truly national presence.
  • Alumni Convention. Held on an annual basis, this event is exclusively for our alumni. The goal is to reconnect with the fraternity, celebrate the Brotherhood, and recognize our alumni's dedication and support.
  • Receptions. Graduating Senior and National Alumni Association Receptions present the opportunity for Brothers to establish business connections and reconnect with fellow members.
  • Regional Alumni Chapters/Associations. Contact information and recruitment materials are provided to all existing Alumni Chapters/Associations. The National Office also assists in the formation and activation of regional alumni organizations (chapter/associations).