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Jonah Goodman, National President Hello,

My name is Jonah Goodman and I am the National President of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our fraternity. The next several pages contain information that is intended to help you determine if the Phi Sigma Pi chapter on your campus is the right organization for you. In my case, Phi Sigma Pi was the right organization for me when I was in college... and it changed my life forever.

I was once in a similar situation. I was a very serious academic student in college, but I wanted more. I wanted to get more involved on campus, to meet other people and to take full advantage of my collegiate opportunities. There were well over a hundred organizations on my campus. It was difficult to choose. Fortunately, I found out about the local Phi Sigma Pi chapter that existed on my campus before I made my decision.

I went to an informational meeting held by Phi Sigma Pi. I learned that Phi Sigma Pi is:

  • Based on Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship
  • A well-respected organization on campus and throughout the professional world
  • A fraternity, not a society
  • An active group that organizes academic, service and social events
  • A co-educational, diverse group

I also learned that in order to become a member I had to meet the following requirements:

  • Completed a minimum of one semester or one quarter of college work
  • Achieved a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale
  • Have one (1) semester or 2 (2) quarters of prescribed undergraduate study remaining following the Initiation semester or quarter
  • Completed the approved initiation program of the chapter
  • Met any and all financial obligations

The people seemed outgoing. They were campus leaders. They were very approachable and showed me that they knew how to relax and have a good time. They did some great service projects for the campus and community. They were serious about their grades and their future careers.

I liked what I saw, so I decided to join. That was one of the best decisions of my life. I had opportunities to work hand-in-hand with my peers towards common goals, I got a chance to help others, I made lasting friendships, I sharpened my leadership skills and the experience gave me a strong advantage in my professional career. However, it did take commitment. Like most things in life, the more you put into something the more you will get out of it.

Joining Phi Sigma Pi changed my life. It can change your life, too. As you read the following pages I believe you will get a much better understanding for who we are and what we do. I also believe that if you give Phi Sigma Pi a try you will look back on that decision as a turning point in your collegiate and professional career.

Best Wishes!

Jonah Goodman
National President