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Whether you are a new graduate or have lost touch through the years, membership in the National Alumni Association (NAA) will increase your connection to the Brotherhood. The purpose of the National Alumni Association is simple: to extend the benefits of Brotherhood beyond the collegiate years through social, educational and charitable opportunities. Members of the NAA enjoy benefits that include, being kept informed, event discounts, networking opportunities, acknowledgements of distinction and a stronger connection with the National Organization.

In April 2003, the National Council created the National Alumni Association as a way to reconnect with alumni. It was believed that this would help strengthen the Fraternity through the wealth of life experience, knowledge, and service of our over 25,000 alumni. It was also intended to establish a positive role model for the thousands of collegiate brothers nationwide who follow in their footsteps each year. The NAA is currently managed by the Fraternity.

The National Alumni Association is an avenue for alumni to find a balance between family, professional, and civic demands with a genuine commitment to the Fraternity. It is a way to stay connected to the college experience and the Brotherhood. Alumni are sometimes mislabeled as Phi Sigma Pi's past. The vision of the National Alumni Association embraces the belief that, in ways significantly different from their collegiate counterparts, alumni are in fact also the present and future of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Vision involves looking ahead into the future of our Fraternity. Vision is pushing each aspect of our organization and rising to the next level of quality, improvement and value, ensuring the experience of Phi Sigma Pi is never finished and never stagnant. In doing so, plans were laid out for development in an area that directly affects our alumni brothers like you.

The National Alumni Association exists as a vehicle to challenge alumni Brothers to become better alumni Brothers. Along with offering opportunities for them to develop further in leadership and scholarship, participating Alumni will be rewarded with the ensuing fellowship that comes from such endeavors. The Phi Sigma Pi experience begins during initiation and develops through graduation. Initiates are guided to become contributing members as they search for the tools necessary to comprehend knowledge and understand the underlying components of Brotherhood. Inducted members are fortified throughout their experience, versed on what it takes to be a member, but charged daily to practice the proficiency of being a "Brother." Alumni Brothers must be challenged at the next level to continue the growth of the lifetime experience. Taking the fraternal experience out of the undergraduate chapter and into the world is an entrusted task The Ritual challenges all Brothers to master. The whole Brotherhood looks to its alumni as role models. With the enhanced structure of the National Alumni Association the National Council believes the support is in place.

Phi Sigma Pi provides National Alumni Association members with:

  • Opportunities: Be eligible to apply for the Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship, attend professional networking receptions, participate in a local alumni organization (when applicable), and encourage future alumni to be involved by donating a NAA membership back to your chapter.
  • Publications: Stay informed and connected to the Fraternity through The Purple & Gold/The Lampadion magazine and special email announcements.
  • Discounts: Receive discount auto insurance rates through Geico, as well as discounts on national events.

Your membership donation enables Phi Sigma Pi to:

  • Maintain our alumni database
  • Sponsor national events like Alumni Convention and National Convention
  • Assist Collegiate Chapters in their local alumni efforts
  • Provide support to existing local Alumni Organizations and the formation of new ones

Isn't it time to rise to the challenge? Joining costs as little as $31 per year. Now you can stay involved with Phi Sigma Pi and help the fraternity that meant so much to you during your collegiate years. Joining the National Alumni Association is a quick, easy and effective way to start the transition from collegiate to professional. There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

Starting in August 2013, memberships run on the fiscal year calendar (July 1- June 30).

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