Alumni Advisor Brittany Rogers and the Delta Phi Chapter (Texas State University)

Once the cap and gown are nicely tucked in the hope chest, exciting opportunities to be involved with the Fraternity come to fruition; such as serving as an Alumni Advisor or as a National Office Assistant.

Alumni Advisor: Basic Requirements

  1. A Member (you can be from a Chapter other than the one you are advising)
  2. Available (whether online or in-person to answer questions / provide guidance)
  3. Ready to separate work from play (sometimes tough decisions have to be made)
  4. Curious (to challenge the Chapter to think outside of the box and create new possibilities)

How are Alumni Advisors Selected?

An Alumni Advisor of the Collegiate Chapter may be appointed or elected by the Members of the Collegiate Chapter. While the Collegiate Chapter may appoint more than one Alumni Advisor. At least one Alumni Advisor shall reside in the vicinity of the sheltering institution.

How Alumni Advisors Make an Impact

1. Attend a Chapter meeting or recruitment event
2. Acknowledge what may have worked in the past; but allow for the Chapter to take ownership
3. Provide an Alumni perspective when they seek ideas
4. Share professional and career experiences that emulate Chapter operations


The “what’s in it for me” as an Alumni Advisor comes down to the 3 ‘L’s”:

1. Leading by example
2. Living the Tripod (Leadership through Service!)
3. Leaving a legacy

Visit the volunteer page for more information on the responsibilities and time commitment needed for this position. Alumni Advisors should contact the Collegiate Chapter with inquiries. The Director of Chapter Services manages Collegiate Chapters and can be contacted at chapterservices@phisigmapi.org or 717-299-4710.

National Office Assistant

Do you live near the National Office, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? Do you have a few hours to spare during the work week? If so, volunteer as a National Office Assistant. 

The National Office Assistants help with:

  • Preparing outgoing Chapter mailings
  • Organizing Chapter recruitment materials
  • Assisting with the packaging and shipping of Chapter mailings

Visit the volunteer page for more information on the responsibilities and time commitment needed for this position. The National Office Manager manages the National Office Assistant position and can be reached at pspoffice@phisigmapi.org or 717-299-4710.