Colonization Process

Learn about Phi Sigma Pi through an Informational Session on your campus.

Exploring a Chapter Startup

Step 1: Seek Strong Expansion Candidates
Our goal is to build an award-winning Phi Sigma Pi Chapter at your school. We consider many factors in determining potential Phi Sigma Pi expansion sites:
  • Demographics of the undergraduate student population
  • Culture and personality of the university
  • Pre-established interest among the student body
  • Support capabilities from nearby Collegiate Chapters and Alumni Members
  • Logistical resources that may be available from the university
Our Phi Sigma Pi National Staff will do initial research on the institution and, with consultation with interested parties, come up with a unique expansion plan for the school.

Step 2: Plan for Initial Recruitment
Once Phi Sigma Pi decides to move forward with an expansion effort, we will work with those interested to:
  • Engage the university to build a partnership for success
  • Secure initial campus recognition as a student organization
  • Implement a campus-wide advertising and interest-generating campaign
  • Contact Alumni Members and Local Chapters to invite their support
Step 3: Hold Information and Orientation Meetings
We arrange for Phi Sigma Pi National Staff to travel to meet with you. While on campus we will hold several information sessions over one or two days. The information sessions last about 30 minutes and provides a Phi Sigma Pi overview. We will work with you and your campus contacts to make arrangements for promoting these meetings, such as mailings/ posters and room reservations.

Step 4: Colony Orientation
About one week after the information sessions, National Staff will again be on campus to conduct a colony orientation. This orientation serves as the official start of the colonization process. All students who have decided to join will attend this meeting and the Colonization Program will be shared.

Members from the Zeta Tau Chapter (Trinity University) celebrating the Chartering of their new Chapter.
Step 5: The Colonization Program
A Colony is a group of students interested in becoming a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. These interested students, or Colony Members, participate in a Colonization Program in order for the Colony to become a recognized Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. During this program, Colony Members learn about the Phi Sigma Pi’s history and its operations, obtain an understanding of our organization and explore and experience the principles upon which we were founded.

The Colonization Program takes about a semester (or quarter) or 7-8 weeks to complete. Throughout the program, the Colony will receive ongoing support and assistance from Phi Sigma Pi National Staff, and where possible local Chapters and Alumni Members. Once all requirements are completed, the Formal Induction Ceremony and celebration gathering will be scheduled. At this time, Colony Members will be conferred active membership status and the Colony will be recognized as a Chapter!