Fast Facts

The Basics

Founded: February 14, 1916 at the University of Central Missouri
Incorporated in Illinois as an Honor Fraternity: April 25, 1949
501(c)(3), non-profit status granted: 1990
Official Colors: Purple & Gold (auxiliary color: white)
Official Fraternal Songs: “Brothers Are We” and “Brother”
Fraternity Magazine: The Purple & Gold/The Lampadion
National Headquarters: Located in Lancaster, PA

What We Stand For

Phi Sigma Pi’s purpose is to bring together some of the brightest and most motivated students and work together in a spirit of excellence to encourage three ideals:
  • The acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge through scholarship
  • The application of professional skills and the fostering of leadership qualities by promoting and advancing the welfare of humanity, and
  • The fostering of non-discriminatory, fraternal fellowship within Phi Sigma Pi's ranks
Collectively, these three ideals are known as "The Tripod" of Phi Sigma Pi.

Who’s Eligible

Prospective Members shall be undergraduate students currently enrolled in a program of study at a sheltering institution where there is an active Collegiate Phi Sigma Pi Chapter or where a Collegiate Phi Sigma Pi Chapter is being established. These students shall have:
  • Complete a minimum of one semester or one quarter of collegiate work.
  • Achieve a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale (this differs Chapter to Chapter).
  • Have one semester or two quarters of arranged undergraduate study remaining, after completing the Initiation semester or quarter.
  • Complete all aspects of the approved Initiation Program developed by the individual Chapter.
  • Receive a two thirds majority vote by the Brotherhood upon completion of the Initiation Program.
  • Meet all National and local financial obligations.
Each Collegiate Chapter has the liberty to incorporate additional (or higher) requirements. Your student should inquire with the Chapter on his/her campus to learn of specific requirements for that Chapter. Eligibility does not guarantee membership.

Scholarships/Programming Offered

FREE access to Leadership in Action Phi Sigma Pi’s award-winning leadership training and certification program
Richard Cecil Todd & Clauda Pennock Todd Tripod Scholarship 
Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship 
Subrosa (Brother-in-need) Fund 


Professional Fraternity Association
Fraternity Communications Association
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry

By the Numbers

Active Collegiate Chapters: 138
Alumni Organizations (Chapters & Associations): 13
Collegiate Members: 6,300+
Alumni Members: 44,000+
National Council (Board of Directors): 8 Members
National Staff (full-time professionals): 14 employees