Join a Chapter

Epsilon Tau Chapter (Villanova University) after inducting 20 New Members.

To be an Initiate and Member of Phi Sigma Pi you must:

  • Complete a minimum of one semester or one quarter of collegiate work.
  • Achieve a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale (this differs Chapter to Chapter).
  • Have one semester or two quarters of arranged undergraduate study remaining, after completing the Initiation semester or quarter.
  • Complete all aspects of the approved Initiation Program developed by the individual Chapter.
  • Receive a two thirds majority vote by the Chapter upon completion of the Initiation Program.
  • Meet all National and local financial obligations.

What are the Dues and Fees?

Initiate Fee
  • Prior to beginning the Initiation Program, each Initiate must pay a small Initiation fee decided upon by the Chapter.
Initiation Fee
  • There is a one time $100.00 Initiation fee, plus National Dues and an insurance premium, totaling $172.00 for semester schools and $148.00 for quarter schools.
Semester/Quarter Dues- All returning Collegiate Members are obligated to pay semester or quarter dues each active semester.
  • Semester Schools- $66.00 National Dues, plus $6.00 insurance premium totaling to $72.00 a semester
  • Quarter Schools- $44.00 National Dues, plus $4.00 Insurance premium totaling to $48.00 a quarter
Local Dues
  • Local Dues vary and are decided upon by the Chapter. These dues are used by the Chapter to carry out the programs, projects and events planned for each semester or quarter.