National Council

The 50th National Council at the 2014 National Convention in Atlanta
The National Council is the primary administrative arm of the Fraternity. It has the legislative power to conduct the affairs of the Fraternity between Grand Chapter Business sessions. The eight volunteer National Officers are nominated and elected to the National Council every two years by the Grand Chapter.

The positions are:
  • National President
  • Senior Vice President
  • National Secretary
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Vice President of Membership Development
  • Vice President of Chapter Development
  • Vice President of Alumni Development
  • Vice President of Philanthropy Development
Strong, experienced leaders are encouraged to run for office. Members with professional experience in the business world are especially valuable as they bring skills essential to running the operations of the National organization. The National Council is charged with enforcing the National Constitution and leading the Fraternity through strategic planning. National Officers are expected to attend two regularly scheduled meetings in addition to any meetings during the National Convention, including the Grand Chapter business sessions.

For more information, please review the National Council Standards or email at the National Office. To contact current National Council Members, check out our National Office contact page.