Members earned points towards their LiA certification after attending two National Modules (Managing Committees and Teams and Professional Etiquette) at the 2014 National Convention in Philadelphia.

To become certified in Leadership in Action, you’ll need to earn 75 points from the following options. How you choose to earn your points is completely up to you!

National Modules (10 Points)
Held during National Convention, these hour long Modules provide a broad look at a topic.
Regional Modules (8 Points)
Held during ICR events, these Modules provide a more in-depth look at a topic.
Local Modules (6 Points)
Held locally at the Chapter level (Collegiate or Alumni), these Modules explore a topic more in-depth and are led by Local Facilitators who have completed a training course to facilitate local Modules.
Facilitate a Local Module (2 Points)

You can earn points for facilitating local Modules. Local Facilitators will need to complete a training course at National Convention or Regional Conferences prior to facilitating Modules.

Facilitator Training Participation (6 Points)
You can earn points for participating in Facilitator Training at National Convention and Staff-led virtual training.

Leadership Development (1 Point per Course- Up to 4 Total)
You can receive points for courses that you've taken outside of Phi Sigma Pi, including any leadership or professional development courses. Enroll in Leadership in Action to earn your points today.
Leadership Position (1 Point per Position- Up to 4 Total)
You can receive points for being a leader within the past five years and upon entering college either within Phi Sigma Pi or outside of Phi Sigma Pi. This includes, but is not limited to a leadership position, coaching position, project coordinator and so on. Enroll in Leadership in Action to earn your points today.
Tweet & Eat (1 Point per Session)

These hour long Twitter Chats, over dinner, will teach you about a specific topic. All you have to do is answer questions and complete the exercises using the #pspleadership.

Lunch & Learn (8 Points per Session)

The Lunch & Learn Webinar is an hour long webinar over lunch time. Phi Sigma Pi has partnered up with our National Philanthropy, HOBY, to discuss new leadership skills and how our Fraternity can work with their organization.