Becoming a Member of the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation

When a donor has reached a lifetime giving level of $250 to the National Fraternity and at least $250 within the current fiscal year, they become eligible to join the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation, the fundraising and philanthropic arm of the Fraternity formed in 2005. The National Office will send a letter outlining the benefits of membership with the choice to become a member upon qualification.

Foundation membership is comprised of Phi Sigma Pi’s most distinguished and generous financial contributors. These prestigious members have the opportunity to frame the fundraising and philanthropic initiatives of the Foundation by voting and running for the Foundation’s Board of Directors, serving on Foundation committees and revising the Foundation’s governing documents.

Meeting annually, usually at National Convention, Foundation members discuss business and elect Directors for staggered two-years terms. The Directors meet throughout the year to review policies and determine strategies that the Foundation will use to build support for the Fraternity and its mission.

Foundation membership is not for all donors, but those who truly seek to shape their Brotherhood and communities will likely find interest in participating. Donors who find that these sentiments reflect their own should consider assessing their financial contributions in order to become eligible. As the Fraternity enters its second Centennial, these passionate donors will be the emerging leaders of the organization and will encourage their peers to build a rich community of Brothers who are connected to each other, their fraternity and its mission.

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