Surge (n): a strong, wavelike, forward movement

Surge is Phi Sigma Pi's new Recruitment initiative that is designed to support our Chapters in increasing the number of Potential New Members that go through their Recruitment process. So, what is Surge? You can read all about it in our informative Surge Packet. Here is a simple snapshot of the process:

Whether you are your Chapter's Recruitment Advisor or a Member that is involved in Recruitment in some other capacity, we encourage you to view the recording of our Surge Webinar. During the Webinar we walk you through the Surge process, give a history of the initiative and introduce you to your Chapter Dashboard.

In the Spring of 2017, 60 Chapters participated in a trial run of the initiative resulting in the biggest Recruitment Phi Sigma Pi has seen in recent years. This initiative resulted in larger attendance numbers and bigger Initiate Classes. Don't just take it from us, here it from our Chapters!

"This system has worked better than anything else we have had in the past."- Zeta Alpha Chapter

"The RSVP system worked beautifully. Really happy that the National Office offered to help. It seems like a lot of Brothers have a view of the National Office as 'big brother,' but being really involved and having the National Office help us in the process has been really great." - Beta Omicron Chapter


"We had the biggest group of people we have ever seen come out to Recruitment... this will make one of the largest groups of Initiates we have ever seen."
- Alpha Mu Chapter

"I felt like the email was really a game changer. A huge percentage of the PNMs we got were through the email." - Alpha Rho Chapter


Enrolling your Chapter in Surge let's us know that you are committed to this initiative and will allow you to take advantage of all of the tools and benefits of Surge. Fill out the form below to enroll.

If you cannot see the whole form, click here.

If you have questions about Surge, email